Summit Istor-o-Nal

Istor-o-Nal is the third highest mountain in the Hindu Kush, in the Chitral District of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is the 68th highest independent peak in the world. It crowns a massif with eleven peaks of elevation more than 7,000 m. The peak is located a few kilometres northeast of Tirich Mir (the highest mountain in the Hindu Kush), across the Tirich Glacier. Because Istor-o-Nal is behind the higher peak of Tirich Mir from many viewpoints, it is not easily visible and therefore not well known.(Wikipedia)

  • Features
  • Height: 7403 Meters
  • Prominence: 1040 Meters
  • Range: Hindu Kush
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Continent: Asia