Summit Pumari Chhish

Pumari Chhish is a high peak of the Hispar Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakoram range. It lies about 4 km east of Khunyang Chhish, in the heart of the Hispar, north of the Hispar Glacier. Pumari Chhish was first attempted by an Austrian group in 1974, who failed to climb or bypass the Yazghil Glacier on the north side of the peak. In 1979, a Japanese group from the Hokkaido Alpine Association and Pakistani Army officer of 29 signal succeeded in climbing the mountain via a long route starting from the Khunyang Glacier, well to the west of the peak. They first had to cross a significant col to access the upper Yazghil Glacier; they then ascended the north ridge of Pumari Chhish.(Wikipedia)

  • Features
  • Height: 7492 Meters
  • Prominence: 890 Meters
  • Range: Hispar┬áKarakoram
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Continent: Asia