Summit Shispare

Shispare is one of the high peaks of the Batura Muztagh, which is the westernmost subrange of the Karakoram range. Shispare lies east of the Batura Wall, which is the highest part of the Batura Muztagh. The Hunza River curves around the southwest, west, and northwest sides of the Batura Muztagh, and Shispare towers above the western bank of the river. In turn, the Hunza Valley lies in the Gilgit District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Shispare is notable for its tremendous rise above local terrain. For example, the nearby town of Karimabad, in the Hunza Valley, has an elevation of 2,060 m (6,759 ft), making for 5,550 m (18,210 ft) of relief, in only 13 km (8 mi) horizontal distance. Being near the end of the Batura Muztagh, it commands large drops in three directions (north, east, and south). In addition, Shispare has a strikingly large and steep Northeast Face.(Wikipedia)

  • Features
  • Height: 7611 Meters
  • Prominence: 1240 Meters
  • Range: Batura┬áKarakoram
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Continent: Asia