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Contemplar Tröllkonuhlaup

The Tröllkonuhlaup is a waterfall of Thjórsá in the south of Iceland. The waterfall is only 2 m high, but in the northwestern part 150 m wide. Then there are three small islands in the river and behind another 40 m of the waterfall. It is located about 5 km downstream of the Thjófafoss and barely 300 m west of the Landvegurs.(Wikipedia)

  • Característiques
  • País: Islàndia
  • Continent: Europa
  • Tipus de Cascada: Repisa
  • Alçada: 2 Metres
  • Número de Salts: 1
  • Riu: Riu Thjórsá
  • Cabal Mig: M3/s