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Fer el cim del Molamenqing

Molamenqing is an eastern outlier of Shishapangma, the 14th highest peak in the world. Both are in the Jugal Himal, a subrange of the Himalaya in Tibet. Molamenqing is little-known, partly since it does not have much independent stature. Its topographic prominence, i.e. its rise above the saddle connecting it with Shishapangma, is only 430 metres, which is relatively small for a Himalayan peak, although large enough for it to qualify in some reckonings as an independent peak.

  • Característiques
  • Alçada: 7703 Metres
  • Prominència: 430 Metres
  • Serralada: Langtang Himàlaia
  • País: Xina
  • Continent: Àsia